Trainee programs at TenneT

"In addition to the exciting content-related tasks and the variety, I particularly like the joint activities with the entire trainee group both inside and outside of work"

Felix Kaminski, Trainee Germany

"I knew that the world of energy is complex and that I want to learn more! I am inquisitive and have been looking for a framework where I can test all my questions and thoughts about the energy transition. Also, as a trainee, you are naturally part of an excellent community of young people with similar interests but very different backgrounds."

Juliette Schaffrath, Trainee Netherlands

Your program your focus

TenneT offers a variety of Trainee programs which is why we will focus here on the following five: Markets & Systems, Build & Maintain, Offshore, IT & Data and Business. The main difference between the Trainee programs are their focus of content. Events and trainings are moments where the whole group from all different programs comes together.

These 18-month Trainee programs, starting each year on 1st April and 1st October, consist of three main parts: The assignment (70% of workload), the Trainee activities (20% of workload) and the personal development (10% of workload).

  • You will be actively involved in adapting the program to your personal needs and interests. It is up to you to get involved in choosing the teams and locations you want to work in during the three different assignments.
  • You will actually have an impact on the energy transition by taking over responsible tasks. With ownership and courage you will get to know TenneT and the energy-world from different perspectives.
  • You are able to connect with people across departments and boarders thanks to the exciting job rotation. The Trainee activities broadens this field of knowledge and the network even more.
  • You will learn from experience but even more with the dedicated development programs about communication, advisory skills and personal effectiveness. Supported by your development partner, your project partners and especially the trainee group you will boost your development journey.
During your Trainee program you will have a look into three different teams which takes around 70% of your working time.
Trainee activities
Next to your assignment you will spend around 20% of your working time with Trainee activities.
Personal development
The third and last column of each Trainee program which takes 10% of your working time is the personal development.


  • Me and the Trainee program – is it a match?

    You want:

    • To start your career in the light of the energy transition
    • To get to know yourself better
    • To learn what TenneT is all about
    • To be part of an international and diverse group of young graduates who want to learn and grow together
    • To experience yourself in different working environments (content, team, way of working, …)
    • The chance to connect to professionals within and out of TenneT and build up your own network
    • To make our program your program

    Yes? Congratulations! It’s a match!

  • It's a match - How and when can I apply?
    New Trainee positions will be published a few months up front each new cycle of the Trainee program. For a start at TenneT in April job advertisements will be released from December on and new Trainee positions starting at TenneT in October will be posted online from May on. The application process then starts directly via the respective job advertisement.
  • How does the application process work?

    The application process takes up to 3 or 4 months. You will apply online and share an application video with us. In the next step you will take part in an online assessment in-cluding a capacity and personality test. Afterwards you have a 90-minute interview with a Trainee and representatives from our Talent Acquisition and the business unit.

  • How many Trainee positions are available?

    The different Trainee programs start each year 1st April and 1st October. The exact number of hired Trainees vary from time to time.

  • From where will I work?

    At TenneT we live the concept of Hybrid working. Our main office locations are in Arn-hem in the Netherlands and Lehrte and Bayreuth in Germany. Depending on the as-signment you are working in it might be the case that you work from a dedicated pro-ject location.

Interested to join?

Contact our Campus recruiter

Richard Mays, Learning & Development +49 (0) 921 50740 5692