During your Trainee program you will have a look into three different teams which takes around 70% of your working time. The topics vary highly based on your Trainee program and your further interests: Developing software, managing a project, creating market reports, coordinating construction teams, analysing market models and way more. You will usually work six months in each position with dedicated targets and a supervisor being your contact person on the content level. The second assignment is used for a job enlargement which means that you work either abroad or in another area to broaden your network and your field of knowledge.

The departments are always eager to have Trainees in their team. Trainees are educated, motivated and connected colleagues with an unbiased perspective on different topics, bringing a new culture and a new way of thinking into the team. The Trainees are also often preferred candidates for fulltime roles.

"I am a Dutch Trainee currently working abroad as a project lead in a project to find out what ob-stacles exist for Balancing Responsible Parties to provide flexibility to the wholesale market. I am responsible for bringing the project forward within the agreed time, managing the work of 5 other people (3 from an external consultancy company)."

Damiano Dreucci, Trainee Netherlands

"I am currently working on determining the need for additional subsurface investigations prior to the construction phase. I’m responsible for the geographic information system analyses and feel like my colleagues highly appreciate the output I’m creating. I definitely feel included in the team, I really appreciate that I’m being asked for my opinion and I really like the atmosphere in my team."

Lilith Schacherer, Large Projects Trainee Germany

"My task mostly involved monitoring and giving some beneficial feedback about the quality of en-ergy providers that we are working with. Providing an interactive dashboard for my analyzation to make the data more comparable. I had the feeling that my work actual matters, I was even assigned to implement the daily evaluation of the providers and give report to another department in absence of my supervisor. So definitely included."

Mahla Mirzaee Kakhki, Trainee Germany

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